About The Role Of Anti-Aging Serums

Daily exposure to environmental insults, especially sunlight, leads to formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) within the skin. ROS are oxidative "bombs", which if not counteracted, will destroy skin components with resultant aging.

Anti-aging serums contain key antioxidant mixtures, specifically formulated to penetrate the skin and neutralize ROS, helping to maintain a youthful skin appearance.

Although the serums have corrective properties, their most important role is protective - to prevent
further skin damage. Anti-aging serums are indicated at any age. It is important to use a product from a reputable company, as antioxidant ingredients, especially vitamin C are notoriously unstable if not properly formulated. Often times the technology for maintaining stability of these ingredients is patent protected, which means that it cannot be replicated by over the counter products.

There are two simple and effective measures that one can take to prevent skin damage and aging: daily morning use of a powerful antioxidant serum and a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30.

The View From Monaco

In April 2017, I attended the Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine World Congress (ICAM) in Monte Carlo, Monaco. It is the largest manifestation of this type in the world, now in its 15th year. For three days, 11,700 attendees listened to...

About Tretinoin

The backbone of every anti aging regimen should include tretinoin or all-trans-retinoic acid,  (brand names Retin-A, Refissa).  Tretinoin is a prescription medication that it is scientifically proven by numerous studies to...

About Smile and Marionette Lines

One of the first changes we see in our face when we start aging are the smile lines or the naso - labial folds. These lines run from the nose to the corners of the mouth. Loss of collagen and bone support, combined with sagging of the...

The World Of Aesthetic Medicine

Last month I had the opportunity to attend IMCAS in Paris, one of the largest aesthetic medicine meetings in the world, now in its 18th year. The event was chaired by Dr. Benjamin Ascher (plastic surgeon—France), and there were 6,500...

About Skin Care Regimens

Many of our clients have asked about what skin care products are the most beneficial. A good skin care regimen should include an antioxidant serum and sunscreen in the morning and Retin-A(tretinoin) along with an exfoliator in the evening. Additional moisturizer may be used as needed. On my face I like using CE ferulic antioxidant serum, Refissa (tretinoin) and retexturing activator (exfoliator).


by Roxana Voica, MD: I often times hear my patients saying: "I always wear sunscreen when I go outside." The truth is that most people are not aware that even when we are indoors, we are exposed to UV A which penetrates through glass.