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Skin Care Specials Topeka KS - Botox, Juvederm - Renew Medical Aesthetics - specialspage 





                                        PRE - HOLIDAY SALE  

                               Sale starts:  11/11/20120 - Sale ends:  12/17/20



Liquid facelift - buy 5 filler syringes and get 1,000 off

Lift the cheeks package - buy 2 Juvederm Voluma, get one free Vollure($700.00 value)free.

Plump the lips package - buy 2 Juvederm Ultra, get one free Volbella ($400.00 value).

Refresh the eyes package - buy 2 Juvederm Vollure, get one Latisse free ($160.00 value)

Glowing skin package - buy 2 Vipeels, get one free microdermabrasion ($120.00 value).

Relax the wrinkles package - buy 50 units Xeomin, get 10 free.

Mix and match package - buy 1 Juvederm Voluma, one Vollure and one Vipeel and get $ 250.00 off


We will be able to assist you regarding how to choose the best package for your condition. You can purchase more than one package. You can also use your Renew Rewards and Brilliant distinctions savings, if they apply towards the price of the package. Brilliant distinctions points can’t be used towards Xeomin or ViPeel, but they can be used with all Juvederm Fillers and Latisse.