Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections Topeka KS - Skin Therapy - Renew Medical Aesthetics - bloodPlatelet rich plasma (PRP) skin rejuvenation therapy uses your own tissue growing factors to improve your skin appearance. PRP is a natural product, derived from your own blood. The blood specimen is processed in our laboratory with the aid of a special kit for platelet separation. Platelets contain numerous growth factors, which, when injected in areas of wrinkles and volume loss, initiate new collagen production, restore facial contour and improve skin elasticity and firmness.

Results begin to show in 3 to 4 weeks and continue to improve with time. For best results three to four treatments, spaced 1 to 2 months apart are generally recommended.

PRP infusion consists of depositing the platelet derived growth factors  into the skin by using the AQUAGOLD Fine Touch.  This is a proprietary micro-channeling device with 20 gold plated surgical grade stainless steel needles, each thinner than a human hair, attached to a reservoir which can be filled with various anti aging products. When placed in contact with the skin, the device effectively deposits PRP columns up to a depth of 600 microns. This treatment boosts collagen production in the upper dermis, improving fine wrinkles and skin texture. A series of 3-4 treatments are recommended.