" Renew is my absolute favorite place to go for all my aesthetics needs!

Dr. Voica is awesome at assessing what you need and she is a skilled doctor. I am always happy with the results I get. Treatments are individualized for your needs.

Love the rewards program and her knowledge of other programs that are available to help with the costs of her services.

Her staff are always awesome-exceptional customer service. Always friendly and helpful.        I highly recommend Renew!!"

R. B,, Topeka


Dr. Voica takes her time talking to me and she is very professional. She studies my entire face and uses only what she thinks that I need at the time of our visit. It is always an educational experience to visit with her. She is not only interested in making you look and feel better, but cares about you as a whole person. She is very knowledgeable about her work.”

A.O., Topeka

"After my first chemical peel, I could see immediate results within a day or two. My skin looked clearer, healthier, and more radiant than it had in years. Dr. Voica is a true professional taking time to explain everything and determining the best treatment method for you. I highly recommend all the treatment options she has to offer."

C.W. , Topeka

"Family and friends often complemented me on my smile, one that made my whole face light up, but over the years, the marionette creases under my mouth actually gave me the appearance of frowning. Radiesse injections eliminated those lines. With only minimal discomfort, the results were amazing! Radiesse has given me back my pretty smile."

P.H., Topeka

"Microcannula is awesome! I had no almost no pain and no bruising!"

I.N., Topeka

"I love the 'softer' and more youthful look. No more makeup caking in jaw creases.”

C.S., Topeka

"I am very pleased with cosmetic treatment I have received at the Renew Medical Aesthetics. Dr. Voica is very competent and skillful."

J.A., Topeka

"Dr. Voica is a credit to her profession and she is very knowledgeable within her field. Also, Dr. Voica is one of those rare individuals who puts a lot of care and thinking into personal requirements of her clients. The result of my treatments was much better than I had envisaged. I look better, I feel happier, and I trust my doctor. "

I. S., Topeka

I was very pleased with the welcoming staff at Renew. Everyone was very cheerful and warm, and made it a pleasant experience. I really appreciate the time Dr. Voica spent discussing the treatment options in a way that helped me decide the best way to address my concerns.

Heather B.

"Dr. Voica,

It is important to look the best I can as I age. Your time - experience and knowing you care about helping us to become more confident is appreciated. you made me feel pretty when I did not see myself as pretty. Thank you,

Kim C.

"I wanted to tell you I’m very pleased with the softer look on my forehead and around my eyes. It looks very natural."

B. H., Topeka

"Have been so happy with Dr. Voica and everything she has done for me!"

M. B., Topeka


" I wanted to tell you it looks soooo good! You are wonderful at this!! "

J.M., Topeka


"I’m so glad I went through with the procedure. I’ve had pretty minimal pain and swelling and so far I love the results! I really appreciate your patience and understanding. I wish I would have done this sooner. "

J. D., Topeka